Bean Town Weatherman Quits, but might Not be Going Far

Word is that WHDH Chief Meteorologist Pete Bouchard "resigned" from the Sunbeam owned station yesterday.

It looks like Bouchard left the NBC affiliate in Boston for a new job with the NBC affiliate in Boston. 


We'll get to that in a minute.

Bouchard'sbio has been scrubbed from the station's website and he changed his Twitter handle to @pbouchardwx, dropping the 7 from his name..

The station isn't commenting about their main Weather Anchor that joined the station in 2002 and has been the Chief Met since 2005.

But, New England 1 says that Bouchard was hired away from the NBC affiliate by NBC. 

It appears that NBC is looking to dump WHDH as an affiliate and move NBC affiliation to WNEU, which is the Telemundo Boston, that NBC owns. 

They would run the station out of NECN, the cable station that NBC also owns in Boston.

NBC's affiliation agreement with WHDH ends in exactly a year, which means that if Bouchard has a one year non-compete, he will be ready to go when the new NBC O&O hits the air.