Former CNN Anchor tells Network to Ban Trump

Former CNN Anchor Campbell Brown, who passed the last exit oo the relevancy highway sometime ago, has some advice for her old network. 

Ban Donald Trump from CNN for just one week. "Let’s stop being complicit in promoting his hateful and harmful demagoguery. Just for one week, Brown writes on Politico.

She wants her former colleagues to go one week without saying his name or putting Trump on the air.

Trump “is not a politician. He is not a leader,” Brown wrote. “He is a supreme narcissist, and you can deprive him of the one thing that keeps him going—airtime.”

Of course asking CNN to not put Trump on the air, would be like asking Jeff Zucker not to breathe for one week.

Actually, the not breathing might be easier for Zucker than banning Trump. 

Just saying....