Willard Scott is Taking his Jar of Smucker's and Going Home

Although, we'll be honest, we thought he left years ago, NBC's Willard Scott says that he is retiring from the network.

Scott, who spent 65 years with NBC and 35 years with the Today Show, will get a final send off on December 15th on Today.

One memory of Scott's time on Today was pointed out on the Today Show. During the 1989 presidential inauguration, then-first lady Barbara Bush took a pit stop during the Inaugural Parade to give Willard a smooch.

"Barbara Bush singled him out," Matt Lauer said. "A member of the first family chose to single out America's weatherman. And I remember smiling from ear to ear for Willard at that moment."

As for why she chose to kiss Willard, Barbara said she didn't know who he was.

"I said, 'I don't know him I just love that face,'" Bush said.

And Willard responded, "How about that? I've been kissed by the best."