Reporter Has Twitter Account Frozen after Tiff with CNN's Don Lemon

Yesterday a CNN booker named Andrea Lewis reached out to NY Daily News Reporter Shaun King and wanted him to appear on Don Lemon's show.

King wrote Lewis saying basically "Hell to the No" and then posted the exchange on Twitter. 

It seems that CNN did not like that and they went whining to Twitter, who told King that if he didn't take down the email exchange, Twitter was going to lock his account. 

King was getting his haircut (judging by his picture that shouldn't take long) and was planning on pulling the Tweet when he was done.

It wasn't quick enough for CNN or Twitter and his account was locked. 

The idea that CNN reached out to Twitter to try and censor a Reporter is beyond head shaking. 

It appears that King is back on Twitter and his "good Morning" tweet this morning, shows he is right in CNN's backyard. 

Maybe they will invite him over for lunch?

I doubt it.