Miami Station Never Got Rid of Fake Twitter Followers

Back on October 9th, FTVLive told you how WPLG in Miami had purchased thousands of fake Twitter followers to their station's account. 

After they were caught, WPLG then said that they bought the followers as part of a story. Many believe that the station was lying and used the story as a cover after being caught buying fake followers. 

At the time of the story, WPLG had 123,000 followers on Twitter. Most of them were fake. In the station's story on buying the followers, Reporter Janine Stanwood ended her report by saying that the station would now be getting rid of their fake followers.

So here we are a week later and how is the station doing at deleting those fake Twitter followers?

Their follower count has gone down from 123K to 125K.

What?! Wait!

The count didn't go down, it actually went up (the screen grab above was taken at 6AM this morning). 

So in other words, WPLG tried to fool viewers by purchasing fake followers. Then after getting caught, they "lied" and said it was all done for a story. 

Then in the story, they claimed that they would be deleting the fake followers, which clearly they did not do. 

Not exactly a trusted news organization if you ask us.