Suspicious Timing

If it doesn't kill you during sweeps, then it will probably be a 'shocking revelation' by an on-air talent....

Certainly we can't say it's a sweeps stunt for sure, but Stacia Naquin, a reporter at KPNX in Phoenix, wrote a very personal blog (coincidentally, on the station's website) titled, "Think Before Asking".  It's a 'reveal' about her attempts to get pregnant and then, sadly, a miscarriage. It happened more than a year ago.

So why is the station telling this story now? Because, as the blog says, we're headed into the holiday season (and only a couple nights of sweeps, left) and they want to lend support to people who are struggling.

Here's hoping at some point, stations get a conscious and stop trying to capitalize on the misfortunes of their employees during February, May and November.

Here's the blog.