CNN Still Causing Heads To Shake

Apparently, CNN's Jeff Zucker is taking discipline tips from the NFL's Roger Goodell...

As FTVLive reported last week, CNN suspended global affairs correspondent Elise Labott for two weeks, after she sent out a tweet criticizing Congress for passing a bill putting conditions on Syrian refugees coming into the United States. It was far more professional than most things Don Lemon says.

But Washington Times media reporter T. Becket Adams made an interesting point; is a non-objective tweet worse than plagiarism? To Jeff Zucker, apparently so. Remember in 2012, CNN's Fareed Zakaria was suspended for 6 days after getting caught stealing a story from the New Yorker on gun control. 6 days. Then in 2014, Zakaria was accused of plagiarizing again from The Washington Post, Newsweek and Slate. Those three media outlets found issues, but this time, CNN did nothing to Zakaria.

So, the bottom line? Either Zakaria has photos of Zucker struggling to lift weights at the NY Athletic Club, or CNN is looking to make budget cuts in global affairs reporting. And then there's still Don Lemon.

H/T Washington Examiner

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