O-Town Weather Anchor Pens Children's Book

WESH Weather Anchor Amy Sweezey has written a book for kids and it's about the weather.

The book is called, "It Never, Ever Snows in Florida" and the title has some people crying foul.

"A few critics have questioned the title of the book, reminding me that it has snowed in Florida. Of course, I tell them to read the book," Sweezey said in an email. "Once you read the story, you'll understand the title, and you’ll see how my main character, AJ, discovers the same thing!"

Sweezey is particularly thrilled by the response from her three children, ages 11, 9 and 8.

"My kids love the book," she said. "My second-grade daughter couldn’t wait to take it to school to share with her friends, even though it wasn’t her turn for sharing day yet."

On one page, Sweezey writes: "AJ likes that his mom is a meteorologist. She teaches him a lot about the weather." 

The book ultimately becomes a lesson about Florida weather.

H/T Orlando Sentinel