You're Kidding Me Right?

As the students at University of Missouri demonstrated  and celebrated the school's President resigning, the media was doing their best to cover the event. 

One young Photographer was having a tough time as students were telling him to leave. 

The Photographer remained calm and did a great job of explaining how the 1st amendment gave him as much right to be there as the students.

Then, school professor Melissa Click stepped in and told the Photog to "get out" and then ask for "some muscle" to come help get rid of the Shooter.

Oh....and it should be pointed out that Click is a professor of Mass Media at the University of Missouri.

So, the one person that should understand 1st amendment rights more than anyone is asking for "muscle" to get rid on the media.

Two days before she was trying to get rid of the media, she posted this on her Facebook:

The students protest got the president of the school to resign, maybe Melissa Click should join him as well. 

Here's video of the young Photographers struggle to do his job (the Click portion happens at the 6:16 mark).