Miami Station Faking Social Media Influence?

It's had to believe there are still people that think social media influence equals the number of followers or 'likes'.

Apparently, WPLG ND Bill Pohovey is one of them. An insider tipped off FTVLive that the station's Twitter followers went up by 50,000 in about 24 hours. We decided to do our own investigation with the help of TwitterAudit:

The results show 74,000 of the 80+ thousand followers, are fake. DISCLAIMER: these verification websites are probably about as accurate as Nielsen. In fairness, we ran the other Miami stations through the audit. The most real? WFOR and Telemundo51.

Here's what we want to know. What would happen if the mayor, district attorney, police department or governor was found to have bought fake followers? Anyone want to bet a TV station would question the ethics and reputation of people or professions that are supposed to be based on credibility?

Let's see if Pohovey does the right thing.