Whatever Happened to the Trump Meeting with Fox News?

Remember when Donald Trump launched a boycott against Fox News, promising not to appear on their air?

Yeah, the boycott that lasted about as long as holding your breath under water.

You may recall that Fox News panic'd about not having Trump on their air to drive ratings. They promised Trump that Roger Ailes and other FNC executives would sit down with him and discuss his concerns.

But, before the meeting could even take place, Trump was back on Fox News and the meeting never happened. 

FNC now figures they don't need to meet with Trump since his promised boycott was nothing more than hot air. 

Michael Clemente, executive vice president of news at Fox News issued this statement: “The door is always open for Mr. Trump to meet with our senior editorial team to discuss any issues he may have with our coverage of his campaign. Mr. Trump continues to appear on Fox News and we haven’t changed a thing, so we don’t see any overwhelming need for a meeting at this time.”

H/T Washington Post