Al Roker Says Sorry for Selfie

While people in South Carolina are dealing with flooding like they have never seen before, NBC's Al Roker flew into town and pissed off some people with a selfie.

Roker posted a smiling selfie of him and the crew standing in the devastated area to Twitter.

It wasn't long before Twitter fired back at Roker's insensitive post and Roker quickly said he was sorry.

“Absolutely correct,” Roker tweeted in response to posts taking him to task for the since-deleted image, which he had captioned, “My crew and I getting ready to report on East Coast flooding from S. Carolina on @NBCNightlyNews with Kate Snow.”

“I apologize for being insensitive,” he went on. “The woman in that car got out without injury. We should not have been in the picture. We came down to report and I offended those who lost so much. I am sorry.”

To a subsequent Twitter commenter who wrote he had done nothing wrong, saying, “People are just too touchy nowadays!!,” Roker responded: “Nope. I should know better. Got caught up in a moment of camaraderie without thinking about surroundings. It’s my mistake.”

NBC correspondent and Sunday “Nightly News” anchor Snow did not comment on her own social media.