While this is the day of the year that many news Anchors throw all credibility out the window and dress up in a costume, WIS in Columbia, South Carolina came up with an idea.

They decided to have the anchors dress up as first responders who worked tirelessly during the recent flooding.

Problem was as they dressed up and talked about the first responders, they bore a striking resemblance to the Village People. 

Viewers started pointing it on on social media that the anchors decided to just roll with it.

Maybe they should have just ignored it. Take a look and you'll soon see why.

As soon as our Sunrise team revealed their costumes honoring first responders of the floods this morning, several people said the outfits reminded them of the Village People. Our team is still honoring first responders, so here's a little Friday fun. In case you missed the original costume reveal on Sunrise, it's right here:

Posted by WIS TV on Friday, October 30, 2015