Really Scripps?! You're Ok with That? (Updated)

KJRH in Tulsa hired former beauty queen and Anchor Tami Marler as the Assistant News Director at the station. 

Marler has been on the job at the Scripps station for the past month and insiders say she is far from "fair and balanced".

"She is extremely partisan. I don't care that she has strong political views... I care that she is sharing them in the newsroom and publicly on Twitter," says station staffer to FTVLive.

You have to wonder if Scripps even looked back at some of her tweets, before hiring her. 

Those are a couple of tweets she made before being hired at KJRH, But, her attitude towards the left hasn't seemed to change even after her hiring.

KJRH is an NBC affiliate, but she was showing no love for NBC during last night's debate:

"It's embarrassing. It's difficult to work for someone when you know their changes to stories might be an effort to fit them into their partisan views," says a KJRH newsroom employee. 

Scripps puts tight restrictions  on what employees can and cannot tweet, but that certainly doesn't seem to be the case with one of their news managers. 

Marler points out with a large banner on her Twitter account that it is HER personal Twitter account and her views.

But yet, she is part of news management and the decision process at a Scripps station. Her views, no matter which side of the political spectrum, reflect badly on a company that wants to be considered a bonafide news operation. 

Update: After FTVLIve broke this story this morning, evidently, Scripps is not OK with the Twitter account of their new beauty queen assistant ND.

At first, Marler 'protected' her tweets. Now, the entire account is gone and her page has been scrubbed from Twitter.