Omaha Station Starts Broadcasting for Historic Train Station

FTVLive told you that Hearst Television’s KETV, purchased Omaha’s historic Burlington Station to house to use as it's new studio.  

Months after working to outfit the century old 48,000 square foot train station, the station has moved in and started doing their newscast from the old building. 

KETV's gorgeous set was designed and built by Devlin Design Group.

“Our new set has the flexibility and depth, allowing us to move and enhance the way we tell stories. An added benefit that we did not expect was that the combination of the designs layout, the scale of the sets architecture and the creative integration of the technology by DDG and Hearst engineers have created a very intimate feeling on the set. This helps to keep the focus on our talent, and gives them a very user friendly storytelling environment,” says KETV GM Ariel Roblin.

When Devlin designed the new set they wanted to keep the history of the building and the city in the design, yet make sure it looked and was high tech as well. 

There is a large storytelling wall with nine 55” monitors. There are three 65” video kiosks for a variety of talent positions. The weather center features a large 90” monitor.

The set’s background includes a textured brick wall, towering columns to mimic the building’s limestone exterior, all incorporated with RGB LED backlit walls for show specific color changes.

“Restoring such a magnificent building is an effective way to contribute to the local community and connect with viewers. We began the design process with a review of the original building. We brought touches of the historic architecture into the design to blend with new technology,” said Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, Scenic Design Director, Devlin Design Group