Spinning the Cable News Ratings

As October wraps up, the spin machine is just getting started.

If you stopped by one TV website known for regurgitating press releases and posting them, you saw the headlines:

Wow.... that is amazing that CNN saw prime time jump 101 percent. Well, that's the spin that CNN wants you to believe.

If you take out the Democratic debate that aired on CNN on October 13th, you get a much more realistic picture. CNN is up just 8% in prime time. 

The website writes, "No matter how they slice it, CNN is experienced massive growth compared to October 2014."

Ummmm...if you slice out just one day, you clearly see that statement is not true. 

The story also states how great CNN did in the prime time demo. Again, take away the spin and the debate and you see that CNN is actually down 16% in the demo.

Now, lets head over to Fox Business. 

The headline screams that Fox Business is up 92% during the business day. 

Sounds like awesome news for FBN. But, then you look at the numbers. Total viewers is just over 100 thousand and the demos is just a measly 16,000.

Yes, Fox Business is adding viewers, but going from just 1 viewer to 2 is an increase of 100%. The great thing about percentages, they are a spinmeister's dream.

Fox Business has a GOP debate on the schedule for November. Just wait for the spin after that, when FBN is up like 1 million percent. 

And we know exactly which website will be buying the spin and barfing up the press releases.

Don't worry, FTVLive will be here to give you the real story. 

As always.