Truth Bombs at the Box Office

Dan Rather gushed about the movie based on his firing at CBS, but movie viewers seemed to care less.

“Truth”, the revisionist history of Rather’s demise at CBS News had a weak opening weekend with a pathetic per-theater average of just $11,000.

Younger-skewing publications like Paste echoed many of the mixed reactions in pointing out that the film “feels phony, but doesn’t offer up any entertainment value in the place of the honesty it’s lacking.”

The movie — starring Robert Redford as Rather and Cate Blanchett as his longtime producer Mary Mapes — has grossed a paltry $66,000 in limited release. But its prospects are dim as it goes nationwide on Oct. 30, because “Truth” will have to compete with “Suffragette,” “Burnt” and a few other new features.

“There’s no question that Sony Pictures Classics is spending heavily in support of the film. As such they were clearly caught off [guard] by the film’s weak opening,” one box office guru tells Page Six

“Hollywood is finishing up a record year with a very competitive fall and ‘Truth’ simply got left on the roadside.”

H/T Page Six