Chicago Stations Struggle in the Ratings

Two Chicago stations are finding it a tough road in the late news ratings. 

WBBM in Chicago brought in Irika Sargent from Miami to try and bolster the station's low ratings.

So far, Sargent's ratings have been for like a private, the station is toping out just over a 2 rating in the late newscast. This is well behind both WLS and WMAQ, who are neck and neck in the October ratings.

WGN which has its flagship 9PM newscast, decided to tack on a 10PM newscast as well. How is it doing?

Not very well. 

The 10PM newscast on WGN is coming in with around a measly 1 rating.

Tribune decided to add the late newscast to try and cash in on the big political dollars that will be flowing for the next year. But, at a 1 rating, that's going to be a tough sell. 

The November book loom and this is going to be a big one for station's trying to set their rates to bleed the politicians of their money.

Stay tuned....