Is This the Most Embarrassing Moment in TV News Ever?

There is no doubt that TV news has provided us with countless embarrassing moments.

But this weekend, WZZM in Michigan had a doozy that if not the worst ever, it clearly goes into the top 10. 

Sports Anchor Eric Lloyd was anchoring the sports on Saturday and reported that Michigan beat Michigan State in an exciting game of college football.

Lloyd then threw it live to Jamal Spencer who was live at Michigan stadium and talked about the big win for the Michigan Wolverines.

The problem was, Michigan State NOT Michigan won the game. 

Something that Lloyd reported after the Spencer's live shot. 

Lloyd took to Facebook to try and explain how both he and Spencer could screw up so bad.

"We tried bringing the most up to date stats as we could as we were going live at the exact moment everything was happening. Had two scripts written and ready to go and got bad information off my phone while on air. And then we immediately corrected it when we could. I’m sorry for getting it wrong but in the end it was corrected and it certainly won't be a finish forgotten by any of us. -Eric Lloyd”

The "two scripts written" excuse might work back in the studio, but what about the Reporter that was live at the stadium? 

Was he really "live" or was it taped and if it wasn't live, why did the station font it as such?

No matter what excuse the station uses, this one is going to leave a mark.

Oh and as for Michigan losing...Fuck Them! Go Buckeyes!!!

Now let's go the video: 

Someone has some explaining to do.

Posted by Tom Clyde on Saturday, October 17, 2015