Kiss and Make Up Time - Strike is Over in Philly

While the WCAU Photographers and Technicians were on strike against the station, both sides nasty things about each other. 

Now, the two sides have agreed to a new union contract and it's like they are lovers once again. 

“We’re glad the strike is over and we’re all looking forward to working together as one team again,” said Ric Harris, President and General Manager of WCAU. “Under the new terms of our contract, which includes enhanced flexibility to operate in today’s fast-changing broadcast television environment, we look forward to continuing to deliver our viewers the very best local news, information and weather that keeps them in the know throughout the day.”

IBEW Business Manager John J. Dougherty said in a statement that the contract was a win-win for both parties, as WCAU gets back its employees in time for the November sweeps ratings period and the employees go back to work.

 “.... we are grateful to be continuing our relationship with NBC10 and thank its management for working through this sometimes difficult process to reach an equitable new agreement,” Dougherty said.

So I'm guessing the union took down the giant inflatable rat in front of the station? 

H/T Philadelphia Business Journal