The Most Trusted Name in News?

CNN used the tagline, "The Most Trusted Name in News."

But it appears that most of the people you can trust, no longer work at CNN. 

The Cable Game points to an ad that was once posted on CNN's website, showing you all the people you can "trust" at CNN. 

Problem is 5 of the 7 people in the ad are no longer employed by CNN.

The Cable Game writes, Let’s take a close look at that picture above:  Second from left, that’s Aaron “The Dentist” Brown. He’s long gone. In the middle, Lou Dobbs, once a star at CNN, until he was kicked off the air for speaking his fearless mind. Now, of course, Dobbs has found a happier home at Fox Business Network, which no doubt thanks CNN for the plug. And next to Dobbs is Christiane Amanpour left for ABC and is now back at CNN. And over their on the far right, in her overlit and photoshopped glory, is Paula Zahn—who knows what she is doing. That’s four, gone totally. And then, far left, is Wolf Blitzer. OK, he’s still at CNN. That leaves two: Judy Woodruff, third from left, and Larry King, second from right. King seems still to be under contract with CNN—perhaps just to keep him quiet—and maybe Woodruff is, too. But Woodruff and King are certainly gone from CNN in any meaningful way, that is, in a way that a viewer would know.

 If CNN tried using the talent in the same ad Today....well....that would not quite work now would it?

Edite: We edited the story to show that Christiane Amanpour is not back at CNN.