ND Fired in Sin City

Sources tell FTVLive that a longtime Vegas News Director is out the door.

Meredith's KVVU has parted ways with News Director Adam Bradshaw. Bradshaw had been at the Fox affiliate for the past 9 1/2 years. 

Before coming to Sin City, Bradshaw worked as the ND at WHEC in Rochester and KTVX in Salt Lake City. 

Bradshaw says in an internal memo to the staff that he was offered to "resign" he declined the offer and was fired.

Here is the internal memo to the staff and obtained by FTVLive:

As you have no doubt seen from Todd's (Brown -GM of KVVU) email, I am no longer the News Director at FOX5. It has been an amazing 10 year ride and I leave the station with my head held high knowing I did everything that was asked of me...and so much more.

With my guidance...it was you who made and kept this newsroom as a news leader in the market for the past decade. I have no doubt you will continue your amazing run under a new leader's guidance.

Todd made the very classy offer to allow me to resign my position today, but I declined and he chose to fire me. He and I have very different opinions about how a News Department should run and we were never going to agree. I hold no bitterness towards Todd for wanting what he wants and you should not either. People move on in this business...I will move on in this business.

I need a few days to process things...though I will come by and clean out all my junk at some point over the next couple days. You can keep the coffee machine.

Please cooperate with Patrick, he's a good guy. I will be giving up my company phone. Feel free to contact me on my new personal I-Phone (702) 960-XXXX when its charged. My personal email of mrnews5@gmail.com is my main email now.

Happy Trails!
Adam P. Bradshaw

No word on a replacement.