Ummmm....That's not the Right Name

On the NBC Today Show's website, they posted a story about the boy who reportedly punched 4-year-old girl in the face. The girl's mom was pissed after she claims a hospital worker told the girl, "I bet he likes you."

The story posted on the Today Show's website is written by Chris Serico, who manages to get the hospital's name wrong through the entire story. 

Serico referred to Nationwide Children's Hospital  in Ohio hospital as "National Children's Hospital" throughout the entire story.

Today even includes a a tweet from the hospital that has their name, Nationwide Children's Hospital at the top of the tweet. 

Yet even after the tweet, the Today website continues to call it "National Children's Hospital."

It's hard to take the story seriously when NBC can't even get the hospital's name right.

Here is a screen shot of a portion of the story, because you just know NBC will be changing it as soon as the log onto FTVLive this morning.