Sources: FTVLive Brought up in Fox O&O GM Meeting

Sources tell FTVLive that the GM's from the Fox O&O's recently came to New York for a general meeting.

While a number of topics were discussed, the most interesting one was about a story that was published on FTVLive. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Fox O&O boss Jack Abernathy asked the General Managers about this story that was posted on FTVLive.

Back on October 7th, FTVLive told you that one Fox O&O News Director was trying to suck up to his bosses and wrote and email to them saying that he could save his station money by eliminating the Assistant News Director and Managing Editor positions at the station. He said they could get by with just him and the Executive Producers. 

The problem was, when the ND went to send the email, he sent a copy to the Assistant News Director and the M.E. 

Abernathy asked the GM's in the meeting, which News Director the story was about?

When the GM of the station stood up and said it was his ND that made the incredibly stupid mistake, sources say Abernathy gave the GM what for.

We hear the GM then called back to his station and reamed out the News Director one more time.

No question, sometimes the shit rolls downhill and it certainly did in this case.