KABC Goes Wall to Wall with Bomb Threat

There is an old rule in TV news, you don't cover bomb threats.... unless of course it involves your station then you go wall to wall with coverage.

That's exactly what KABC did yesterday when Glendale police received an anonymous call around 1:52 p.m. from a man who said there were multiple bombs inside the KABC building.

The staff was evacuated from the building and they set up a live shot outside and started covering the story.

The reason TV stations don't cover bomb threats is because almost never is a bomb found and it invites copycats to call in more threats in the future. But..... this is the world of 'all about me' TV and KABC was excited to be covering the news about them.

The station Anchors sat outside the KABC studio and raved at how they were able to pull off a newscast from the front lawn of the station. ABC O&O President Rebecca Campbell was brought onto the air to say what a great job everyone was doing and how this "new" technology made it possible to go live from the front lawn.

At 4PM the bombs inside the building went off and the station was flatten.

Oh wait! No that is not what happened. At 4PM the all clear was given and people were allowed back into the station.  

Even after the staff was allowed back in the building, the station continues to report of the bomb threat in later newscasts.

Breaking the rule of not reporting on bomb threats.