First before Facts for NBC News in Paris Shooting Story

NBC News had a big exclusive yesterday when Pete Williams reported that was shootout with police near Paris and that one suspect in the Paris mass shooting from earlier in the day was killed and two others were taken into custody.

It was a big scoop, NBC even sent out a mobile alert to viewers and Pete Williams was all over NBC and MSNBC with his breaking news.

But soon word came that the story was false.

NBC was first, but the facts were wrong. 

NBC started backtracking from the story and came up with their excuse:

“NBC News issued an earlier report based on intelligence from two consistently reliable U.S. counterterrorism officials in different government agencies. As soon as it became evident that our sources doubted their information, we immediately updated our reporting across all platforms and continue to do so as this fast-moving story unfolds.”

"Fast moving story"....maybe NBC needs to slow down and get the facts before reporting the news.

Just saying..... 

H/T TVNewser