Man Shoots Himself Outside Fox News Studios (Updated)

A man saying that Fox News ruined his life, went to the network's studios and shot himself in the chest.

The NY Post says that the man, who was not identified, was found just before 9 a.m. sitting slumped outside of the building on Sixth Avenue and West 47th Street, cops and witnesses said.

Police at the scene said that the man apparently shot himself with a small-caliber pistol, which was found on the ground next to him. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition, cops said.

Prior to the shooting, the man was heard protesting Fox News, saying that the news channel ruined his life, a source said.

Security guards asked the man to leave and when they turned around to walk back inside, they heard a gunshot, the source said.

The man, believed to be in his 30s, had what appeared to be a suicide note in his pocket, the source added.

Update: The man that shot himself has died, he was a former employee of a Fox station in Texas.

Police say the man was Phillip Perea, 41 years old, of Irving, Texas.

Perea shot himself once in the chest and had no ties to Fox News. Perea had also been handing out fliers, which criticized his employer for having “ended my career,” moments before he shot himself.