No Howie, You're the Fox News Idiot

On his lame Sunday show, Fox’s media critic Howard Kurtz took a brief few seconds to talk about FNC's apologies for airing claims about the discredited “no-go zones” in European cities, including the now-retracted statement by terror “expert” Steve Emerson that Birmingham, UK was “totally Muslim.” 

But then Kurtz turned the story around and blamed CNN's Brian Stelter, Huffington Post and others that wrongly identified Emerson as a "Fox News contributor"

Kurtz said,  “several news outlets wrongly identified Emerson, with the Huffington Post variously calling him a ‘Fox News contributor,’ ‘Fox News expert’ and ‘Fox News idiot’ — rather than just a guest.”

Of course Emerson is not the "Fox News Idiot" Howie, everyone knows that's you.

Here's the video:

H/T Mediaite