How I Work - KTLA Reporter Jennifer Gould

We head to the left coast for today's edition of How I work and KTLA Reporter Jennifer Gould. Gould lives the life of a Freelancer, working a lot of hours with none of the benefits. She also develops reality based shows and works for the Discovery Network. Back a million years ago, Jennifer and FTVLive worked at the same station. While I have aged quite a bit since then, for some reason she hasn't.

This is how she works:   

Twitter Name: @jennifergould
Location:  Los Angeles
Current gig: reporter KTLA Morning News & Crime Reporter on My Dirty Little Secret on Investigation Discovery Network
Current computer: Ipad, Sony Vaio PC
Current mobile device: Samsung Galaxy S5

One word that best describes how you work: ridiculously thorough  & competitive...but i also love  making people I work with, smile & often crack jokes :)  And I love mentoring some of the younger reporters... kinda like a mama bear for advice etc...

What are your favorite Apps that you can't live without? Twitter - absolutely addicted!!! Need an intervention!  Instagram (@jennifergouldTV) ... Yelp/VZ Navigator...

What's your workspace like? I'm a freelance reporter so I have no desk/office... I live/work out of a live truck when on duty

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?  IS THERE anything besides a phone and computer?!?

What Music are you listening to?  in the car: news radio. at the gym - smorgasbord of music from 60s to present... rock, metal, alt  r & b, pop.. love it all!

What's your sleep routine like?   I wake for work at shift starts at 2:30am.  I usually get to bed 8p...although that doesn't mean I fall asleep at that time! but I LOVE this shift... as  I not only work with an amazing crew of writers, photographers, producers & desk's when some of the most compelling stories happen.  I  LOVE  the crime beat - it's where I thrive... and, you get a lot of those stories in the overnight hours!

 Best Advice you Ever Got?   to know a little about a LOT of things; be well-read....and well informed. Looks will only get you so far... your brain will keep you there. Don't just learn a second language, MASTER IT... And lastly, be the best YOU, you can be - don't imitate anyone else...being unique makes you unstoppable!