Dog Gone He's Smart

As we told you this morning, Rory was scheduled to go into the vet and get neutered this morning.

But, as Rory made it into the Doctor's office he "suddenly" had a coughing attack and the vet said he should wait 10 days before having the procedure. 

Once back in the car, Rory's cough was no where to be found and now that he's back in the FTVLive World HQ, he's running around and playing like a crazy dog. Not bad for a dog that acted like he was on death's door just a short time ago.

Unfortunately, until Rory gets fixed I am not allowed to adopt him. Under Florida Law, pets cannot be adopted unless they are fixed. So, I continue to "foster" Rory until he gets neutered. But, if he can keep up his "I'm sick" act every time we go to the vet, it might be awhile.

He's a smart little dog.