The Today Show Puppy

Move over Matt Lauer, there is a new lady killer on the set of NBC's Today Show.

The Today Show crew has started fostering a puppy that they will help train for Guiding Eyes for the Blind to become a guide dog. 

If all goes well, our puppy will graduate after 16 months and get adopted free of charge by an individual who is blind or visually impaired, profoundly changing that person's life. 

NBC is letting the viewers pick the name of the new puppy, but Guiding Eyes for the Blind follows a specific naming convention for all puppies, so our new friend will have a name that starts with the letter "W."  

The names viewers have to pick from is Wes, William, Wrangler and Waldo.

Why no Willard? For years, he was was the biggest dog on the Today Show set.

As cute as the Today Show puppy is, we still think FTVLive's Rory is even cuter.

Just saying....