Curry and Lauer Both Still Bitter, Not Talking

As Ann Curry walked out the door at NBC, you could still see the knife that Matt Lauer used to stab her in the back sticking out.

Curry and Lauer haven’t spoken in years, beginning with her painful public axing from “Today” right up to Tuesday night’s announcement that she’s leaving NBC News.

Page Six sources say the former co-anchors have maintained a bitterness toward each other since Curry was ousted from “Today” in June 2012.

One NBC insider said, “Ann and Matt never made up after her firing. He believes the way she handled it made him look terrible, while she believes Matt played a major role in her downfall.”

However, other NBC insiders maintain that Lauer did not push to get Curry fired. Although not many believe that he didn't at least have a hand in it.

One thing, no one is happier to see Ann Curry leave the building than Lauer.

Just saying....