How I Work - David Johnson

One of the biggest request that FTVLive has gotten over the past few months is for us to bring back the "How I WorK" feature.

So, we are doing that in 2015.

Today we check in with David Johnson, main Anchor at WPXI in Pittsburgh. Johnson has anchored the news alongside Peggy Finnegan for as long as most Pittsburghers can remember. 

We asked David, "How he Works?"

Twitter name: @DavidWPXI
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Gig: Evening news anchor, WPXI-TV (now serving you for 30 yrs here, and 33 and a half w Cox - 25 straight w Peggy!)

Computer: Dell Desktop fancy schmancy Cox provided computer. 

Mobile device: I-phone 5-S

Word that describes how I work: Work? I'm an anchor! What work? Seriously, I'd say "collaboratively."

Fave apps: WPXI Weather, Espn,, FaceBook, Twitter, Over-40, Flashlight (meaning, an actual flashlight)

My workspace: A mess. The craziest, most obnoxious desk in the building. A shrine to the Gators of UF. I'd have it no other way.

Gadget can't live w/o: Hmmm, I guess my I-phone now.

Music: I love everything. Classical, country, rap, Top-40. I Heart Radio. But esp 70's dance music.

Sleep routine: Horrible. I'd like to personally thank whoever invented Ambien.

Best advice: From a reporter I worked w in Jax and Atl, John Shirek, "Always keep a bag packed." (Meaning for a sudden news trip or if you get fired)

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