Former CBS Weatherman Entertains the Troops

many have wondered what happened to former CBS morning Weatherman Dave Price?

Price has been trotting the globe entertaining the troops. Price has been doing standup comedy while traveling the world. He most recently was performing standup comedy for the troops in the east African nation of Djibouti.

Better known as a weatherman and anchorman and reporter, Price has done standup since he was in college. Working with an organization called Stars for Stripes, Price performed with members of L.A.’s Groundlings improv comedy group to entertain troops deployed overseas. This was Price’s 10th tour of duty doing jokes for heroes.

“I've been everywhere from Iraq to Afghanistan to Kuwait, and now Africa,” Price says. “They (Stars for Stripes) take celebrities and bring us not only to large bases, but to the smallest of forward operating bases as well — in the most remote locations, where typically entertainment is very hard to come by.”

When he’s not performing comedy, Price — who has anchored WNYW's morning show, “Good Day New York” — says he’s also creating his own content these days.

H/T NY Daily News