CNN Takes Page out of NFL Handbook

CNN's Brian Stelter took a page straight out of the NFL handbook and said that he had closely investigated the Fareed Zakaria plagiarism charges and .....surprise.....Stelter thinks the criticism of his co-worker are unfair.

".... Zakaria’s program made some attribution mistakes, a small number, to be fair,” Stelter said. “They are the kind of mistakes that other journalists can learn from, and viewers too.” Stelter did not elaborate on how the viewers could learn from Zakaria's mistakes.

Stelter said that while he looked at the 26 plagiarism incidents and it after closer inspection, “the less it looks like capital P plagiarism.” 

Which is kind of like "capital P" pregnancy....either way you're still pregnant.

Stelter said he wanted to get Zakaria’s side of the story, but that the CNN GPS host turned down an interview with the other CNN host.

Stelter said that he also tried to talk to CNN's PR people and they declined to comment as well.

Yes....CNN's own PR people declined to talk to the host of a CNN show about another CNN show.

Classy operation...don't ya think?