The Weather Channel Adds Shows so they Can Show Less Weather

The Weather Channel has green-lighted two new excuses to not show the weather. 

TWC is adding two more “reality” shows that will leave less time to show the actual weather.

The two latest shows seem more like what you would see on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. First is Brainstormers, a reality series starring three men, “a father, a son, and their friend” who are constantly on the hunt for practical applications for bad weather—like going outside to play in the rain, so Daddy and his friend can have five goddamn minutes of peace. Then there’s How Weather Created A Monster, a show that redefines the word “monster” by following explorer Sean Duggan as he searches for rare and exotic (but decidedly non-imaginary) animals shaped by the extraordinary climates in which they live. 

In a statement, The Weather Channel president David Clark says, “With these two new series, The Weather Channel delves far beyond the usual weather stories to show just how pervasive weather’s impact is."

If you want actual weather coverage?

Use your phone, because you ain't going to get it from The Weather Channel. 

Just saying.... 

H/T AV Club