Group Says it Warned Alaska Station about Reporter's Bias

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A group opposed to legalizing marijuana in Alaska says it warned KTVA (Anchorage) about their Reporter Charlo Greene and her apparent bias long before she announced it on live television.

The group called 'Big Marijuana, Big Mistake Vote No on 2' (they couldn't have a shorter name) says they warned KTVA not once, but twice as to Greene's bias coverage.

Green quit like on air, dropping the F-Bomb and admitting she is owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club. 

"We met with the News Director and walked him through our concerns," said a Big Marijuana, Big Mistake Vote No on 2 spokesperson. 

They group also says they sent a very detailed email to the station that also pointed out Greene's bias. 

The group said they were very frustrated that the station continued to let Greene cover the story and they said it was a disservice to the viewers and the state of Alaska.

The station has apologized for both Greene's F-bomb and her biased reporting, but it is likely that this incident is going to haunt the station for a longtime to come. 

Stay tuned....