Will CNN Do the Right Thing?

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Back on Sept. 17th, FTVLive wrote a story asking "how does CNN's Fareed Zakaria still have a job?"

There is no doubt that Zakaria has a plagiarism problem and yet, Jeff Zucker and the gang have turned a blind eye to the entire issue.

CNN has stood behind Zakaria and said that his plagiarism was an isolated incident. It has been proven that is not the case. 

Now, other media outlets are wondering as well, how Zakaria is keeping his job and nothing is being done about it.

"CNN would rather employ, give airtime to, and defend a plagiarist whose resumé they find easy to personally explain and understand than someone who is doing actual journalism, but who might take more work to reach out to or understand." writes Esquire magazine. 

"CNN now faces its biggest journalistic crisis since the Operation Tailwind fiasco. It’s no longer just Zakaria’s alleged plagiarism that’s the issue. It is the network’s dogged refusal to publicly acknowledge that it even has a crisis to deal with. As I said Friday this approach is unsustainable. As more and more mainstream sites turn their attention to this story, CNN will have to do something." writes InsideCable News.

In a 2012 commencement speech at Harvard, Zakaria uttered these words:

“You don’t need an ethics course to know what you shouldn’t do.”

Someone might want to point that out to Jeff Zucker.