Fox DC News Director Headed to the Left Coast

FIRST ON FTVLive! Fox sources tell FTVLive that Dana Hahn, News Director of WTTG in DC, is headed to the left coast to run KTVU’s newsroom.

Fox recently agreed to trade their Boston station (WFXT) with Cox for KTVU.

Hahn has only been in DC a year after being bumped up from the ND gig at WJBK in Detroit.

Sources tell FTVLive that the WTTG staff has yet to be told that their news boss is leaving and that they will be getting their third ND in the past 14 months. Word is that Hahn is well liked & respected in WTTG newsroom.

As for who lands the gig at the DC station?

No word yet, but odds on favorite is Paul McGonagle - the current ND at WFXT in Boston.

We hear that's not quite a ‘done deal’, as long-time Fox exec/WTTG GM Patrick Paolini has to ‘sign off’ on that possibility.

Stay tuned....