BBC Uses Tagboard to Help Cover Scottish Vote

The BBC had a huge story on their hands. They were covering the independence vote by Scotland and they turned to a Seattle company to help in their coverage. 

Tagboard a social media display company, was chosen by the BBC to cover this historic event. 

When the UK Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted about the outcome of the vote, they got it full-frame and on-screen before every other broadcaster because of Tagboard. 

The company also  just launched a new update to their website so any one can search a hashtag for free and see stats around the hashtag.

It's a great resource to jump on a breaking news hashtag story quickly and make sure you're using the right hashtag.

Tagboard will suggest the most popular hashtags being used.

If your station is involved in social media in anyway, Tagboard is a company you need to be looking into.