Well, That Didn't Take Long

Just about everyone on the planet could see this one coming....

Page Six says that “The View” kicked off its new format with its best ratings in eight years, but the tension behind the scenes is already boiling over. Rosie O’Donnell and Nicolle Wallace had an off-air spat after clashing on-air, while top ABC execs are jockeying for power over the program.

On Tuesday, token Republican Wallace, a former George W. Bush spokesperson, and human wrecking ball O’Donnell clashed on-air after Wallace claimed President Obama “doesn’t love people.” O’Donnell swung back, “When Kanye West says, ‘I don’t think President Bush cares about black people,’ it’s like an international incident. But you can say that you don’t think Obama likes people?”

Their heated conversation continued off-camera: “Rosie and Nicole were still going at it after the cameras stopped rolling. Executive producer Bill Wolff had to call them both in and order them to calm down,” a source tells us.

We expect the full Rosie implosion will happen soon.

Stand by....