Phoenix Station Names New Deuce

KNXV stayed in house for their new Assistant News Director hire. 

Here is the internal memo, obtained by FTVLive that sent to the staff from GM Anita Helt:

Subject: Assistant News Director Announcement

I am excited to share that today we have eliminated the “interim” title and officially named Jamie Ioos as our assistant news director.  As many of you know, Jamie is an experienced news manager; in addition to her role here as executive producer, she’s also been a news director, news consultant as well as a producer.  Since joining us nearly four years ago, she has been a tireless advocate for our news team.  She lives the A-Team values as a creative leader who has a passion for our brand and team and you only need but five minutes with her to know her competitive spirit.  After talking with many qualified candidates across the country, I have no doubt the best partner to lead our newsroom with Pat is right here at ABC15 in Jamie.