Tampa Anchor Is Gone and Replaced

Back in October of 2012, WTSP (Tampa) hired Joe Gumm to be their new Morning Anchor.

“Joe is definitely someone you want to start your day with. He combines a great personality with a real knowledge of the news”, said Peter Roghaar, WTSP News Director at the time. “Ginger Gadsden and Joe really hit it off during rehearsals. I think we have the makings of a great team.”

Fast forward to less than two years later and Gumm is gone from the station and already has been replaced. 

Gumm had been missing from the air for weeks, then the station quietly took down his bio on the WTSP website.

WTSP General Manager Elliott Wiser confirmed to Florida News Center that Gumm is in fact no longer with the station and that the station has already named his replacement. Ian Reitz fills Gumm’s chair on the morning show, starting September 30th.

We still get a kick of how stations beat the drums when they make a new hire, but a deafly silent when that same anchor is bounced. 

You just gots to love the communications business.