Former CNN Anchor has Advice for Current CNNers About to Get Fired

Many staffers at CNN and HLN are sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out if their job is one of those that will be eliminated. It is not a fun time to be working at a Turner property.

Former CNN Anchor Daryn Kagan knows exactly how the current CNN staffers feel. In 2006, Kagan was called into then CNN President Jon Klein's office and told her contract was not being renewed and that she would be gone from CNN.

Kagain took to Facebook Today to post a message of support to those sitting and wondering what will happen?

Kagan writes:  

To my CNN peeps and family getting "The Letter," waiting for the other layoff shoe to drop I'll tell you what I often tell folks--I'd still be sitting in that anchor chair if they hadn't kicked me out the door AND I haven't missed it a single second since I left. Missed some of the folks yes, but not the job. I also never asked "Why?" when Jon Klein told me they wouldn't be renewing my contract. I suspected then as I know now, the closing of one chapter is so much bigger than one boss' or one company's decision. It was simply time. Doesn't mean I was happy the day I found out. Allow yourself to have your sad, but just know that I'm not alone in this--so many wonderful things that have happened since I left CNN would've could've never happened if I were still in that same chapter. Here's to your next chapter and know that you have the most incredible network of CNN Alums out here ready to help, give a hug, and hold your hand through the process.