Jacksonville Stations Look to Change Call Letters

FIRST on FTVLive! Here's an interesting nugget out coming out of Jacksonville.

As you know, FTVLive FIRST told you that Cox owned WTEV/WAWS is blowing up their main anchors and replacing them all. The changes are expected to take place in the coming weeks.

But, that isn't the only change that Cox is planning on making to their Jacksonville stations.

FTVLive has learned that Cox has petitioned the FCC to change both stations call letters. 

WTEV will be changing over to WJAX and WAWS will change their call letters to WFOX.

The number 1 station in Jacksonville is WJXT, could Cox be hoping that viewers confuse WJXT with WJAX?

As for WFOX? How the hell hasn't those call letters already been taken by an east coast Fox station or affiliate? You have to give Cox props for jumping on those call letters and bringing them to their Fox affiliate in Jacksonville. 

A search of the FCC website shows that Cox made the requests for the new call letters late last month.

Look for the stations to change their call letters around the same time they change out the anchors.

Stay tuned....