Good News....And Bad News

I have some good news and some bad news to share.

The bad news: I am going to take next week off. Which will be the first week I have taken off in over 10 years. 

The good news: will STILL be updated while I'm gone.

First things first, FTVLive has been on an absolute roll and I find it so hard to step away from this website for a solid week. Even though it's summer time and this is supposed to be the time that web traffic falls off, FTVLive just had our best month ever in July and August is pacing well ahead of July. Traffic to this site grows each and every week and it has gotten to the point where there isn't a newsroom in the country that isn't logging onto

But, it is summer and I would like to take some time off before the fall season gets here and everything really starts to ramp up. So, now is the best time for me to get some R&R. As I said in over 10 years, I have not taken off a solid week. In fact the best I have ever done was 2 days. So this is going to be my once in a decade week vacation.

But, like I said the website will still be updated.


We're handing the reigns over to the FTVLive Intern. 

FTVLive hired a summer intern that has spent most of his time, cleaning the office, cutting the grass and washing our car. The FTVLive Intern said that before he heads back to school he would like to do some actual work on FTVLive. Imagine that?

So, we're going to roll the dice and let it happen.

The byline for the intern's stories will be "FTVLive Intern", we are not going to reveal his name, because this kid might actually want to work in the TV news business one day.

I'm going to try and stay offline for the entire week, but in reality I doubt I will. You might see my byline on here a few times next week, because I just can't stay away.

I will be checking my email, so if you got any good tips, send them along.

I have a bet with a network executive that says I can make it to at least Wednesday without posting anything. I'm hoping to try my best to win that bet.

The FTVLive Intern will also have control of the FTVLive Twitter account, so keep following that for updates. 

Since I'm taking the week off, feel free to do the same. Tell your boss, I said it was OK.