Getting Out While She Still Can

Newspaper Reporter Toni Konz is getting out of the newspaper business while there still is a newspaper business. 

Konz is leaving the Louisville Courier-Journal and making the move to TV news. She has been hired a Reporter at WDRB in Louisville.

Konz writes "the newspaper world I entered over a decade ago is drastically different from the one that exists today. And the world that exists now is scary for anyone, let alone a single mother whose only backup plan if she were to get laid off is to wait tables for a living."

Konz role at WDRB will be the same that it was at the paper. She will cover the Jefferson County Public Schools and writing about education issues.

On her way out, Knoz seemed to take a not so veiled shot at the Courier-Journal and the newspaper industry as a whole. "Now, something amazing has happened. I was given an opportunity to work in an environment that places a huge value on the happiness of its employees. WDRB has set a course that includes a commitment to covering Louisville and they are doing it by adding staff rather than having seemingly endless waves of layoffs, restructurings or reorganizations," she wrote. 

Oh Toni, you'll soon learn that the grass can just as brown on this side of the fence.

Stay tuned....