Gutless San Antonio Station Won't Name Dirty Restaurant

KENS in San Antonio had a story about a local restaurant that was caught storing food in the bathroom.  ,

The station used a customer’s video showing cooks using the men’s room for storage.

Problem is that while KENS ran the story, they did not include the name of the restaurant. Which makes us wonder, why run the story at all if you are not going to say where this happened.

The station knew they had a good story on their hands, but were too gutless to name the place. So they ran the story just for shock value and deleted the most important information. 

Viewers on Facebook were also not happy with KENS and their LACK of reporting:

Along with not naming the place, after the flack, KENS pulled the video from the station's website. How lame is that?!

San Antonio's KABB did have enough guts to name the establishment called "Luxury.."

I don't get to San Antonio often, but I can assure you, I won't be eating at the Luxury when I do. I also won't be watching KENS newscasts.

I prefer my bathrooms not to store food and my newscasts to have news in them.

Just saying.... 

H/T Romenesko