Fox News Anchor Admits Obama Can't Win on FNC

It's not like anyone that watches Fox News didn't know this already, but give Greg Gutfeld credit for admitting it straight out. 

UPI reports that while discussing President Obama's upcoming itinerary of fundraising and entertainment appearances, Gutfeld admitted the president would not receive any positive credit on the traditionally conservative network.

"Do you think it's a bit of an issue that we're talking about the fact that he's not doing Jimmy Kimmel instead of all these international crises," asked co-host of The Five Andrea Tantaros.

Tantaros was alluding to President Obama's recent cancellation of a scheduled Jimmy Kimmel appearance, something the president had been criticized for not canceling sooner in light of increasingly volatile international events.

"Let's be honest here, If he had done Jimmy Kimmel we would have made fun of him," admitted co-host Greg Gutfeld.

"Now he's not doing Jimmy Kimmel and we're still making fun of him. So, he can't win with us."

Not wanting to let his fellow co-host down, Eric Bolling added his assessment that "The president's checked out. He's a lame duck who's completely lame."

Hey, at least FNC is consistent with their bashing of the President.