If Murdoch Wants Time Warner, He'll get it! But, What happens to CNN?


Time Warner might have said "no" to Rupert Murdoch's first offer to buy the company, but don't count him out yet.

A stock broker told FTVLive that if Murdoch really wants Time Warner, he will get it. 

If Murdoch does get TW, one of the first things he will likely do is sell off CNN.

So who would be interested in buying the one time 24 hour cable news network?

First on the list of potential buyers of CNN is one that FTVLive told you about over a year ago.

CBS has had interest in CNN for a very longtime and Murdoch might be willing to sell off the cable net to CBS for a good price.

Variety writes that CBS has a smaller cable-network portfolio than many of its peers, and putting CNN under its umbrella would help it amortize the costs incurred by CBS News, while letting it promote further the hard-news image and emphasis on foreign reportage it has used to guide shows like “CBS Evening News” and “CBS This Morning.” CBS has also been working on the launch of a streaming-video network for its news division, and partnering with CNN could lend that venture a boost.

Another potential buyer would be Al Jeezera. 

Variety writes that the Qatar-backed cable-news outlet has deep pockets and getting hold of CNN might lend it more heft in its efforts to gain distribution from more cable systems. Disney’s ABC might also want to kick CNN’s tires. While ABC is a part owner of Fusion, a separate news network would give it more ways to use its ABC News, which has enjoyed new success with “Good Morning America” taking the ratings lead from NBC’s “Today” as well as a partnership with Yahoo.

Some inside CNN are worried about the future of the network, while others are hoping for CNN to be sold off.

"CNN has lost it's way, maybe CBS or someone else could help us find our way back to doing what we do best.....NEWS!, said one CNN staffer to FTVLive.

Time will tell and the ball is sitting firmly in Rupert Murdoch's court.

Stay tuned....